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Guardians of the Water Capital: Latios and Latias

"The Guardians of the Water City"

The adventure, this time, takes place on Alto Mare, an island famous for the significant use of water for transportation purposes. However, there is also a history behind this place. A long while back, when the development of the island was still progressing, an older couple was walking along the shores of the water; coming across two unconscious children, the couple took them to their home, nursing them. The children had no parents of their own, so they stayed with the couple.

One day, however, the sky grew dark and darkness overcame the island of Alto Mare. Evil rained down large shards onto the island. The two children's eyes glowed, and destroyed all of the shards falling to the island. Floating to the sky, the two children revealed themselves to be Pokémon, Latios and Latias. The two called more of their kind, one holding a blue orb. The power of the orb, and the Pokémon's power obliterated the dark cloud above. As thanks from the Pokémon for taking care of the "children", the couple received the blue orb.

In a huge building, two women read the historic legend of Alto Mare. They were halfway through the reading, when a security guard was approching. The two escaped with the book, through an open window. The guard came by, noticing a book was missing from the shelf. He found in its place, a rose and a card with an insignia. The two women, known as Rockets, Zanna and Rion, head to Alto Mare.

Today, on the island of Alto Mare, is a special event day. It's the day of the Ratiosu Festa, and the big day of the race through Alto Mare's many canals. Many competitors entered the race, two of which was none other than Satoshi, and his friend, Kasumi. With well trained Pokémon, Satoshi and Kasumi are in first place stats as the race goes on. Takeshi, and other spectators, watch the race from a bridge.

As the race is going on, two transparent figures fly through the skies of the city. Satoshi and Kasumi are keeping in first place, but the course continues to become narrower. The figures fly over Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyaasu, as they are enjoying lunch, and swoop down past spectators watching from buildings. Satoshi loses his first place stat, as he takes too sharp of a turn, nearly smashing into a wall. Some strange force stops him, and pulls him back on course. Satoshi realizes that he is now way behind the other competitors, but he is yet to give up this race. When he reaches one of the wider areas of the course, the invisible something grabs onto him, and he zooms past other competitors. As he is nearing Kasumi, the force yanks him off course, and into an ally. The force continues to pull him, until he jumps over a guard rail.

Back at the race, Kasumi has a wipeout just before the finish, but Corsola and she manage the win. Another competitor, Rossi, congratulates Kasumi on her victory, and explains that he is a boat driver whom wouldn't mind taking her friends and her around the island.

At his boat, Rossi talks to Kasumi about the city. Satoshi and Takeshi admire the scenery, while Kasumi admires her trophy. The trophy was sphere shaped with green tinted glass. Two Pokémon stood on either side of the sphere, with a shiny orb in the center. Sailing along the waters, they passed two stone pillars of unique looking Pokémon. Satoshi questions Rassi about the pillars. Rossi explains that they are the guardian Pokémon of Alto Mare: Latios and Latias.

The two Rockets, Zanna and Rion, planted small cameras around, surveying the city for whereabouts of the two Pokémon. They fixed the cameras with an infrared scanner to detect any non-human lifeforms. After discovering the first Pokémon form, among other citizens, they head off down the road, nearly running into Team Rocket. Musashi is outraged, while Kojirou notes the names of the two Rockets, whom are currently ranked at the top. Musashi comes up with a plan to copy the two to earn top credits.

Rossi drops Satoshi and his friends off to get some ice cream. While they are walking, Pikachuu gets thirsty, and walks off to get some water at a pump. He is disappointed to find no one to help him get water. However, a girl approaches and helps him. Thankful, Pikachuu quickly drinks and cleans himself up. Satoshi approaches, thanking the girl. She stares strangely, and walks away without a response. Satoshi doesn't think anything of it, and goes about his business.


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